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Peanksoft was formed up in the early of 2006, the main idea is to create a community for artists, developers, designer and musicians to share their ideas, creativity, knowledge, and trying to innovate together regardless of social aspects, level of education, abilities nor individual skillls, so we can create something that can be usefull both for each individual and the community. And starting in 2009, we raise our flags, gradually our community grew and several teams was formed up and every teams consist of some programmers, musicians, story writers and designers, but sometimes some member must hold a several role.

In the early years, we experiencing several crisis in our internal, our cohesiveness was tested. We were aware that pioneering something was not an easy jobs to do. Its takes hard work, preseverance and patience, capital is also a major factor, without any support from investors, some of us choose to leave, well we can not blame them. It´s their right.

Finally the idea of venturing into a side business was reflected in our minds, so starting in 2014 we began to develop severals business concepts, at first we only managed it just to finance our expenses, but over time the requests from our clients is increased. And so, here we are now...the brand new Peanksoft™-Studio.

Our Small-biz



PGen™ Engine This is our first Game Engine, made as our internal engine and is the forerunner of Manticore™ Engine, using Directx 9.0 and OpenGL as its rendering drivers.

Manticore™ Engine The successor of PGen™ Engine, uses Directx 11 and Vulkan as the base rendering driver. The main features include Shader Model 5, Multithreading, Occlusion Query, and many more.

Legacy Of Prambanan Our initial project, an adventure game inspired by a Hindu temple in Indonesia, tells the story of a young man who accidentally found an inheritance keris that would later lead him to a historical adventure.

øAMTRASø The automatic missile tracking system developed jointly with a private company. This system uses several tracking techniques that are integrated into several instruments, including terrestrial, aerial and maritime radar systems, navigation systems and satellite monitoring.





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