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Peanksoft was formed up in the early of 2006, the main idea is to create a community for artists, developers, designer and musicians to share their ideas, creativity, knowledge, and trying to innovate together regardless of social aspects, level of education, abilities nor individual skillls, so we can create something that can be usefull both for each individual and the community. And starting in 2009, we raise our flags, gradually our community grew and several teams were formed up and every teams consist of some programmers, musicians, story writers and designers, but sometimes some member must hold a several role.

In the early years, we experiencing several crisis in our internal, our cohesiveness was tested. We are aware that pioneering something wasn´t an easy jobs. It takes hard work, preseverance and patience, money income is also a major factor. Without any support from investors, some of us choose to leave, well we can not blame them. It´s their right.

Finally the idea of venturing into a side business was reflected in our minds, so starting in 2014 we began to develop several business concepts, at first we only managed it just to finance our expenses, but over time the requests from our clients is increased. So, here we are now, the new Peanksoft™-Studio.

Funding Sources

We do realized that to achieve our goals, perseverance and patience is a critical key, not only that, funding is some others matter to. So, started in 2014 we began to expand into the business world, and currently our business is within this scope.

  • Advertising

    This is the first business that we run, and it′s our biggest source of income through this day.

  • Internet Services

    This services has been running since 2014, but it is still run locally, and staring at the beginning of 2019, we started to run this services professionally.

  • The Construction Field

    Honestly, the construction fields is still brand new sector for us, but even so, it doesn’t mean that we can not compete with others. Since it operated in October 2017 there are several clients that always entrusting their jobs to us.

  • Food and Beverages Services

    This services is still run locally and only beast lair who's running this services for now.

  • Law Firms

    We′ve been working with several lawyer and advocate from many countries, you can see the list at Law Firms sections.


There were 3 main division in Peanksoft™-Studio.

  • Game & Software Development Division

    This division currently runs by the Manticore teams.

  • Architecture & Graphic Design Division

    This division currently runs by the Anax teams.

    In recent years, we have developed our organization into several divisions and among them are the Architecture and Graphic Design Division. This division is more directed to advertising or marketing services and also construction and building work both in the form of goods and services.

    The Concepts

    Creating architecture involves art and beauty, science and engineering, values and beliefs, friendship and team-working. It is one of life′s rewarding activities, bringing together a wide-range of personalities, skills and expertise. It is an adventure for the client, the architect and our team it self.

    Graphic Design is used to visually communicate and reinforce the sense of identity for architectural projects, including both new design, renovation and planning projects. From logo design, visitor orientation and infographics. Broadly, graphic design is an integral part to the sense of place. We strongly believe that graphic design help architects pitch their concepts better, help developers market their projects smarter, and helps real-estate teams sell their properties faster.

  • 3D Modeling & Animation Division

    This division runs by the Dionysus and Chiron teams.

Last But Not Least

It′s great things when your hobby turns out to be one of your sources of income, even though we can′t predict how much we will gain, but there is joy and happiness there. Maybe we are ″nobody″ at the moment and our work is still unknown to the public. We admit that we are still far from become something now, but we are enjoying these moments ... well, I will not be blabbering again, I hope you enjoy this tour, lots of fun and don′t hesitate to ask anything, as long as it′s still within our reach.