The all–inclusive online analytics stats inside your Online Control Panel can help you keep track of all activities on your sites. You’ll get realtime information about the load generated in your account and the site traffic they receive on a per–hour, weekly and per–month base. You will also find details in relation to our system as a whole like the actual IP address, the OS, the editions of PHP and MySQL and many more. Everything is grouped in sections as a way for you to locate it.

Server Data

Information concerning your hosting server

Inside the Server Specifics area of the Online Control Panel, you can find more information about the web server your cloud hosting service account is located on. You can find out which is the Operating System, the actual IP address and also the current Perl/MySQL variations, discover more info relating to the mounted Perl modules and also the inbound and outgoing email servers, monitor the hosting server load, etc.

You can also get information around the PHP release without the need to put together phpinfo files, etc.

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Access & Error Logs

Get hold of details about your sites’ effectiveness

With the information gathered in the Access and Error Logs section of your Online Control Panel, you’ll be able to track down any possible complications with the overall performance of your sites. The access reports will show you all types of data files such as texts, photos and videos that were reviewed from your customers whilst the error logs will record virtually any cautions and glitches that have happened during their stay on your site.

It’s possible to get the access and error record files for each of your working web sites from the Web Stats Manager part of your Online Control Panel.

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Web Traffic Statistics

The ultimate way to monitor site visitors’ flow

When you run an effective web site, it’s crucial that you understand a lot about visitors – what number of unique visitors your website attracts, exactly how many site visitors come back to your web site, what keyword phrases people use to come to your site, etcetera. In the Web Stats Manager part of your Online Control Panel, one can find two traffic stats tools – Webalizer and Awstats that will help you get all the details that you require.

The applications call for absolutely no configuration. As soon as your web site is online, they’ll start acquiring details without any effort from you.

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CPU Stats

Keep tabs on your sites’ CPU load

The server’s CPU is vital for the interaction between your website and its site visitors. The more complex and resource–consuming your web sites are, the more server assets and CPU time will be demanded. Through the CPU stats area, you can view which particular website is utilizing the largest amount of CPU assets.

You should take procedures to enhance your sites if the CPU usage limit has been arrived at. You will notice in–depth reports for each day and month as well as for an entire calendar year.

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