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SSL Issued within 5 minutes
Secures domain/sub-domains
No paperwork required
Domain Validation SSL
SSL Issued within 2-4 days
Secures domain/sub-domains
Validates company
Business Validation SSL
Extended Validation
SSL Certificates
SSL Issued within 2-7 days
Green Address Bar
Secures domain/sub-domains
SSL Certificates
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited server licensing
Issued within 5 minutes
Fully compatible with MS Exchange servers
Saves money and time
SSL Secures up to 250 domains/sub-domains
Multi-domain SSL Certificates
Wildcard SSL
Extended Validation SSL
Domain Validation SSL
Business Validation SSL
Email &
Document Signing
Multi-Domain Certificates
Code Signin
Certificates Types
Sectigo / Comodo

ssl certificates

If you′d like to protect the data which visitors submit on your Internet site, you will require an SSL certificate. The abbreviation is short for Secure Sockets Layer and this is a protocol employed to encrypt any information exchanged between a site and its users as to ensure that even if an unauthorized person intercepts any data, they′ll not be able to read or use it in any way. The present level of encryption makes it pretty much impossible to decrypt the actual content, therefore if you have a login form of some kind or you offer services and goods online and customers submit credit card details, using an SSL certificate shall be an assurance that the data is secure. Normally a dedicated IP address is needed to install an SSL, which will increase the cost to maintain your website. The additional cost may matter in case you manage a small web shop, a non-profit organization or any other entity that doesn′t make a big revenue, so to save you the cash, our cloud website hosting platform supports installing an SSL certificate on a shared server IP address, not a dedicated one.

Below is some price of SSL Certificate from our partner vendor. The base price range is in USD, so if you change you prefered currency to any other than USD there will be an adjustment in price range, base on the current exchanged rates. The prices will be updates periodically so if you making an order, the valid price is the price when the transaction happen.

  Certificates List
Product Price Additional SAN/UCC Total Options Unlimited Licencing Wildcard Claim EV Trust Logo Org Required
Sectigo PositiveSSL $ 20.5 (12 month) N/A N/A N/A N/A

Compare Domain Validation SSL

There are around 20 different Domain Validation SSL certificates available in our SSL store. Most of them have equal or close technical features. That makes the selection a hard task even to advanced Internet users.

Validation Domain Business Extended
Domain ownership check via email
Business/Organization Documents check -
Green address Bar included - -
Average Issuance time for SSL 5-7 minutes 3 days 4-7 days
Customer’s Trust level